September 13, 2017 Susan

Metropolitan – After the Storm

Greetings to all Metropolitan Residents,

Our community came through the storm in very good shape. We sustained virtually no damage. Our buildings’ roofs, windows and doors performed at a very high level.

Monday morning representatives from Ascend Properties, 4-Ever Green Landscaping and H2O Pools conducted inspections and are working to restore the community to normal state. The swimming pool has been cleaned, fountains as well and landscapers will be on site within the hour. The exterior fabric awnings all are in good order.

We have received notification of many acts of kindness and neighborly community spirit, with families assisting families. This is a wonderful confirmation of the quality residents that call Metropolitan home. In addition, the Metropolitan team has received numerous thank you’s for the strong, solid construction of our apartment homes and efficient drainage system.

For those of you without power, FPL has been notified. We appreciate your patience. Please everyone, remain safe, calm and courteous. We are all very, very fortunate in regard to the aftermath of storm Irma.

We have received a number of complements from residents regarding the tireless work of our onsite maintenance and leasing team, those comments are greatly appreciated.


Kenneth Sanchez, NALP CAM