July 6, 2016 Kenneth Sanchez

Outdoor Fun, Just Minutes from Metropolitan Wilton Manors Apartments

Florida summer vibes are all about staying active, enjoying outdoor fun, and soaking in every adventure possible. At Metropolitan in Wilton Manors, we love the ideal location of our luxury apartments, not only because the close proximity to prime downtown areas and shopping, but also because we are close to an amazing community park that has so many different aspects of outdoor fun.

Colohatchee Park is an 8.5-acre park, which consists of a seven-acre mangrove preserve with a walking trail. Behind the mangrove preserve, there are volleyball and basketball courts, a picnic area, playground, restrooms, and even a dog park.

Colohatchee Park is the ideal Saturday morning destination to kickstart your weekend activities. Take your dog for a walk through the preserve and then stop in the dog park to let “Spike” off his leash while you meet other active locals with their furry-faced friends. Who said dog dates aren’t a thing?

Even if you are not particularly a dog person, you can take full advantage of the elevated walking trail through the mangroves, and then enjoy a lemonade and sandwich at the picnic area. After being cooped up in the office all week, Colohatchee Park is your one-stop-shop for outdoor exploration.

Click here to learn more about Colohatchee Park. Then, visit the Metropolitan apartment leasing office to learn about the many other things to do in Wilton Manors.